The Practice

The physical aspects of Raja Yoga, Asana and Pranayama.

Savasana 18 Minute Track

If you practiced really hard or just want a nice long break, check into the three levels of deep relaxation with this extended 18 minute Savasana and concluding chant. If you are looking for a shorter version there is a 12 minute track available. Not sure what Savasana is for?…

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Extended Holding Class, 2-Hour Intermediate

Om Namah Sivaya, This sequence is intended for students who are comfortable with the basic series and are looking to hold each asana for 1-6 minutes. Details below. This class has minimal instruction and is intended to be a more introspective/meditative class. There are no variations. As the body becomes still…

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Basic Sivananda Sequence, w/out Headstand

Om Namah Sivaya, Here is the basic class including: 2 Pranayamas, Sun Salutation, and the 12 posture sequence without variations. It is an instructional class preparing people for headstand so it teaches the dolphin posture in detail. The dolphin is the preparation/alternative to the headstand. It gives full instructions for pranayama…

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