Yoga Essentials

Om Namah Sivaya!

This is a compilation of the basic Yogic teachings and concepts underlying the practices on our blog. They are also helpful for cultivating your understanding of Yoga and what it’s really all about!

Knowing the teachers and the lineage is an important aspect of any yoga tradition. So we hope you take some time to hear about our teachers and discover the purity of heart we all aspire to cultivate in our own lives. The Five Points of Yoga is an overview of applying yoga principles in daily life. The 12 basic asanas page is the outline for the basic Sivananda series. Each photo is a link to detailed information about practicing each asana.

So whether you are a pure beginner or somewhere beyond, we offer you these resources as an introduction to the practice. Happy journeying, and blessings on your path!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!


Our Teachers

The Five Points of Yoga

The 12 Basic Asanas

The Four Paths of Yoga, Please check back Coming Soon…

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