Asana Variations

Asanas come in so many shapes and sizes, not just 12! So here we will investigate a wide variety of asana variations that can be practiced in the Sivananda Series to broaden the practice, create positive challenges for growth and keep the mind engaged. Please check back often and subscribe to the blog for updates of new posts. Have Fun!

Vriksasana / Tree Pose

Practice this asana for a gentle yet powerful approach to physical and mental balance. The Tree Pose calms and focuses the mind while heightening awareness of your physical body. In fact, practice this posture any time you feel the need to gather your thoughts and tune back into presence! As…

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Pigeon Pose / Kapotasana

Also called the king of hip openers! The Pigeon will help release and open the hips from every angle; plus if you let yourself relax it may just draw you into deep bliss. Pigeon pose is usually practiced after the backbending series and before the Half-Spinal Twist, and like its…

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Peacock Pose / Mayurasana

The beautiful peacock, a majestic plume of long tail feathers trailing gracefully behind him mirrors this elegant posture. Typically considered an intermediate asana, Mayurasana – the Peacock, can be quickly mastered with a short daily practice and determination. It is sequenced after Ardha-Matsyendrasana practiced as a balancing variation of the Crow. With…

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