Asana Variations

Asanas come in so many shapes and sizes, not just 12! So here we will investigate a wide variety of asana variations that can be practiced in the Sivananda Series to broaden the practice, create positive challenges for growth and keep the mind engaged. Please check back often and subscribe to the blog for updates of new posts. Have Fun!

Head to Knee Pose / Janu Sirsasana

Open your hips and release tension in the lower back while getting a deep stretch for each individual leg. Practice Janu Sirsasana as a stand alone asana or as a preparation to come deeper into the Seated Forward Bend. This forward-bending variation is usually practiced before Paschimottanasana. It is a…

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Bridge to Wheel Variation Sequence

This is a backbend variation sequence featuring the Bridge (Setu-Bandhasana), Half-Wheel (Ardha-Chakrasana) and Full Wheel (Chakrasana). It is usually practiced directly after Halasana, as a counterposture. This is a very common sequence in the Open Class so we thought it was a good place to start teaching the variations. Practice…

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