Sivananda 12 Basic Asanas with Sun Salutation

Om Friends,

Below is the basic asana sequence we practice and teach. From this sequence come dozens of variations leading to a diverse practice that supports holistic health and a vibrant life. We encourage you to learn and get comfortable with these basic asanas before focusing on variations. If you are a new student, we strongly encourage you to find a teacher to guide you personally, so you can discover how each asana is comfortable for your body. This guide is a reference to support your continued growth and progress in your yoga asana practice. Each picture links to a description and instructions for practicing the asana. To understand how asana fits into the big picture of leading a Yoga Life, please read the Five Points of Yoga Article. There are recordings of basic and intermediate classes on the Practice With Us Page. We encourage you to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to join us for a class. Wishing you the best in your yoga journey!

Om Shanti,

Mahadeva and Hari Dasi, your Rainbow Life Yogis

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