The Practice

The physical aspects of Raja Yoga, Asana and Pranayama.

Pranayama Guided, No Instructions

Om Namah Sivaya Blessed Friends, This is the basic pranayama practice with a Kapalabhati count 0f 60,90,120 and 10 Rounds of Anuloma Viloma 4-16-8 ratio. This is guided but does not include instructions on how to practice, if you need more instructions please see this recording. This a great recording for…

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Open Class with Variations 90 minutes

This class has a few variations and slightly extended holding times, but can be practiced by all levels of students. If the variations are not currently in your practice or the asana is held too long, you may simply practice the regular asana or rest in Savasana. Remember trying new…

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Basic Pranayama with Instructions

Om Blessed Friends, If you are still getting comfortable with the pranayama practices then this is a great recording for you. It introduces the pranayama with detailed instructions. The Kapalabhati is a low count and there are only 8 rounds of Anuloma Viloma. You can practice this recording even without…

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Savasana 12 Minute Track

Savasana? Yes, sometimes the hardest part of the home practice is to sit still for 10 minutes at the end without a teacher. We offer you this clip from the end of one of our classes so you can take a guided savasana to complete your practice. Remember savasana is the…

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