Basic Sivananda Sequence, w/out Headstand

Om Namah Sivaya,

Here is the basic class including: 2 Pranayamas, Sun Salutation, and the 12 posture sequence without variations. It is an instructional class preparing people for headstand so it teachesĀ the dolphin posture in detail. The dolphin is the preparation/alternative to the headstand. It gives full instructions for pranayama and each asana making this a very good class for anyone beginning their practice, needing an easier/slower class or wanting a review of the instructions to fine tune each asana. If you already know the headstand but would like to take this basic class feel free to simply practice the headstand in place of the dolphin. The entire basic seriesĀ is outline in the Yoga Essentials. For those of you new to the series, we hope you enjoy this class.

If you are a newer student remember to be gentle with yourself, always hold the postures comfortably in a position that causes no pain and is easy to breathe.

Have Fun, Om Shanti!

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