Extended Holding Class, 2-Hour Intermediate

Om Namah Sivaya,

This sequence is intended for students who are comfortable with the basic series and are looking to hold each asana for 1-6 minutes. Details below. This class has minimal instruction and is intended to be a more introspective/meditative class. There are no variations.

As the body becomes still so does the mind, so with this type of class we are trying to find stillness in the mind by holding each asana for an extnded period of time.

The class includes:

3Rounds Kapala Bhati (60,90,120 pumping) 10 Rounds Anuloma Viloma (4/16/8 count),

15 minutes slow guided sun salutations, leg raises

Headstand (6min) -> Shoulderstand (6min) -> Plough (3min) -> Fish (3min) -> Seated Forward Bend (5min) -> Cobra (3min) -> Locust (1min) -> Bow (3min) -> Half Spinal Twist (2.5min per side) -> Crow (1min) -> Long Final Relaxation

Please leave some comments below or contact us with any questions, Thanks and Enjoy! Om Shanti

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