Intermediate Variations Class 90 Minutes

Om Namah Sivaya,

For those of you who want lots of variations and a bit more pranayama this is a fun class. It was recorded Feb 2016 in Dalat, Vietnam and is translated into several languages during the class; so you may hear Russian, Vietnamese and Japanese in the background. This is intended for people who have a comfortable practice and want to try lots of new asanas. Too many variations to list… just take the class and have fun. It also does anumola viloma at a 5/20/10 count. Again, if you are taking this class and reach a point where you cannot do a variation, that is just fine, do not push yourself beyond your body’s limit today. If you take this class several times you will get the hang of many of the variations.

Of course if you have any questions, please leave us a comment below or contact us! Have fun, Om Shanti, shanti shantihi.


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