Child’s Pose and Makarasana

A few other resting postures you will find throughout the Sivananda series. Enjoy!

Childs Pose

This is a simple relaxation posture done before and after the headstand/dolphin, as well as after the backbend series. It relaxes the mind and body, and releases tension in the lower back. Rest in this posture as long as necessary.


1. Kneel on the mat with knees and feet together,  sit back on the heels, place and forehead on the ground.

2. Rest the arms by the sides of the body, hands near the feet, palms up.

3. Breathe into the abdomen, feel it pressing into the thighs on the inhalation.


  •  If your hips do not rest on the heels, make two fists with your hands and stack them underneath the forehead. This will allow the lower back to relax. As you relax you and may remove one fist lowering the head. You may also place the hands flat underneath the forehead.
  • Ideally the knees are together but if you have knee problem or your upper body gets in the way of this pose you can spread the knees apart until you are comfortable.



Makarasana is a Savasana variation that is done laying on the abdomen. It is the relaxation posture used throughout the backbend series, allowing all of the muscles that are used in those postures to relax completely. Lay in this posture as long as necessary between the backbending asanas.


1. Lay on the abdomen. Make a pillow with the hands and rest one cheek on the pillow. Change the direction the head faces after each posture.

2. Bring the big toes to touch, heels fall out to the sides.

3. Breathe deeply, feel the abdomen pressing into the ground on the inhale.

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