Yoga As Life

Om Namah Sivaya Dear Friends,

Yoga is more than just a 1-2 hour practice on the mat. Yoga is a way of living life to find peace and connection in every action. We encourage you to apply yogic principles to your daily life. If you missed it, please investigate the Five Points of Yoga as this was Swami Vishnudevananda’s simple approach to revolutionizing existence. Then, sit with us for our perspectives on leading a life fueled by the philosophy of yoga. We hope you are inspired by our journey and our own challenges so you too may create change and uplift yourself. Om Shanti!

– Mahadeva and Hari Dasi

Food Poisoning and Yoga Life

Letting go of the little things and Remembering where the practice is… One week ago I was in Chennai at the airport about to board a plane to Vietnam. It was nearly midnight and I was a bit hungry. I lapped the small international terminal with Hari Dasi determined to…

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A Daily Dose of Down Time 

Om Namah Sivaya, Dear Blessed Friends Right now, I am floating in rural South India outside Coimbatore about 7km from the Kerela boarder. Tucked into cozy farmland amidst a 3 week Ayurvedic process of purification called Pancha Karma. I couldn’t be further removed from the world, with a prescription for…

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