Savasana is the posture of relaxation. It is the only posture that allows all the muscles in your body to relax completely – and so is used for the relaxation before, during, and after the asana practice. It is best to return to Savasana if at any point you feel exhaustion during your practice. Savasana can also be practiced for proper relaxation anytime you need to recharge. Please see the 5 points of yoga article to better understand the yogic perspective on relaxation and learn how to integrate true relaxation into your life.

Savasana – The Corpse Pose


Lay flat on your back with the head, neck and spine centered. Move the legs the distance of your mat, or about two feet, apart. The arms are at 45 degree angles from the body, the palms turned up and the eyes closed . Allow your entire body to relax.

The awareness remains with the breath…

Breathe abdominally. Feel the abdomen rise on the inhalation, and fall on the exhalation. Check out this link for more detailed instructions on the abdominal breath and breathing during your practice.

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