Food for Liberation

What we eat creates our body and mind. The Yogi eats a simple lacto-vegetarian diet that supports their practice and generates inner peace, but that doesn’t mean the food has to be boring! Enjoy some of our favorite tasty recipes in your own home. Have a question about cooking? Just let us know, we are here to help. If you want some more details about what defines the “Yogic Diet” check this out… Om Shanti!

Bihari Bhindi – North Indian Okra

This recipe is super delicious and simple. With just one main ingredient and a couple of spices it takes only about 10-15 minutes to cook! During my first month in Darjeeling, my co teacher Vishnu (from Bihar) loved to cook Bhindi, also known as okra or lady finger. So I have…

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Introduction To Vegetarian Cooking

Om Namah Sivaya Blessed Friends, Welcome to Rainbow Life Yoga. This introductory post is based on a cooking course I designed while teaching at the Sivananda San Francisco, CA Yoga Center. Each recipe is ayurvedically inspired and based on how we generally eat at the ashram or center. The recipes  are tasty,…

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The Yogic Diet

The Yogic Diet A Yogic diet is a diet conducive to the practice of Yoga in all of its aspects. That is, it’s a diet that not only refrains from disturbing your practice, but actually assists in creating the calm state of mind necessary to practice successfully. In Yoga, this…

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